Annual Membership - $100.00 per year
Annual members are breeders engaged in continuing breeding purity, fostering and increasing interest in and knowledge of, the Llewellin Breed. 

Associate Membership - $50.00 per year
Associates members are persons who own a Llewellin Setter registered with the FDSB and may have occasional litters (not more than 1 per year) of the Breed, and who diligently seek to further the cause of purity of the Breed and the furthering of the aims of this Corporation.  The annual Associate Membership fee shall be $50.00 and the Associate Membership shall not include the privilege of voting. Membership fees are from January 1st to December 31st annually.

Become a member of NALBA, Inc.

Complete your application and submit it along with your payment to the Treasurer.  

3413 Forrester
Waco, TX  76708
Phone: (254) 752-1526

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